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Lawlessness on the Beaver

Johann Herzog

Submitted by Phil and Sharleen Wurm (The DC History Buff) or

Lawlessness on The Beaver

Yesterday afternoon a German named John Herzog came into town from the Beaver and swore out a warrant for the arrest of a cowboy, whose name is unknown, for shooting with intent to kill himself and a neighbor.  This was somewhat exciting, but as near as we can make out the circumstances are about the cowboy who, with a number of others was going north on the trail with a herd of Texas cattle, stopped at the house of a German woman and made improper proposals to her, accompanied by threats.  She ordered him away and sent for the two neighbors to come to her assistance.  When they arrived he was trying to break down the door to the house.  They told him to go away or they would make him, whereupon he opened fire on them with his revolver, shooting Paul Demmer through the right leg just above the knee and John Herzog in the head inflicting painful though not necessarily fatal wounds.

Deputy Sheriff Darlinson and constable Butters started out yesterday afternoon to arrest the cowboy but have not returned.                                                      Taken from the Oberlin Herald  July 15, 1880

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